Buru Buru Baptist Church formerly known as Buru Buru Christian Fellowship was a product of a bible study fellowship that met in the evenings once a week and on rotation basis in 1974 and 1975 at members houses in Buru Buru Phase 1. The cradle of the bible study can be traced to the two families of Bedan and Charity Mbugua (from Harambee Estate) and Sam and Sussie (Isabela) Mbuya (from Buru Buru Phase 1).

As occupation of Buru Buru Phase 1 took place in earnest in 1975, some Christians amongst the occupants found this ready fellowship and were attracted to it, finally becoming members. Consequently, attendees came from Buru Buru Phase 1, Harambee and Buru Buru Phase 2.

Most of the members were young graduates from universities and various colleges. They had also just joined the working class, virtually all of them being in their late twenties and early thirties. Some amongst them were young couples while other were single. Yet they were a united, zealous company of believers in Christ. Their leadership was sharpened at Christian unions and in youth leadership activities of Nairobi Baptist Church and other churches.

As time went by, in the year 1977 the members explored counsel with Nairobi Baptist Church and they took us in by support of ministry and donating land for use which we stand on upto now. On February 3rd 1983 the fellowship was registered at the Attorney General Chambers.

As to date Buru Buru Baptist Church operates independently and has grown through building a full primary school plus a special education unit. We currently have 30-50 registered members.