Ecclesiastes 9

Sermon: Our Common Destiny

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9

Pst. Albert Tate Truth and Lie story

Question: How many want to die today?

King Solomon reflected a lot on this and came to one conclusion that we all know that we will die whether the righteous or the wicked, good or bad, clean or unclean Verse 1-2. Moreover as seen in verse 3 our traits are brought out that we are full of evil and madness in our heart but all end up joining the dead.

An awesome example is shown in hope in the living in Verse 4 where a live dog is better than a dead lion. No matter the level of education, riches or wealth or even societal position  when you die its inconsequential but the truth is what do you want people to remember you by or even when the sun sets in your life will your memory live on.

A lot of people have lived on this earth before me or even you because you and i were born into this word and hence your presence here and today but the big question is as a believer and a citizen of this world. WHAT IS YOUR DESTINY??

The word destiny/destination means future, fortune or fate. I remember the first time I encountered this word was watching a movie and wondered why it always led to people fighting so as to get something because it’s “your destiny” with some rumbling background sounds and effects. King Solomon just reminds me here on why those rumbling sounds in the movies meant and as we all know in the end of the movie we always see what just King Solomon said eat your food with gladness, drink wine with a joyful heart. Key lesson he is bringing out is that the prime of your years is when you are alive and kicking.

Verse 9 is what I am totally enjoying now with my wife and she can attest to that being we are now in our 7 month. Verse 10 states that our commitment and tenacity should be alive in us in this time of being alive because when  we go to be with the Lord there is nothing you can do. So What are those things you have been given by God (gifts, talents and your are not doing with all your might? 4 wives and 1 Husband theory

Who?, What?, Where?, Why?, How?

Act 2:17 Old men will have dreams and young men will see visions

Verse 11 shares that it does not matter whether you are fast, strong, wise, brilliant or learned but time and chance happen to them all hence my encouragement is whether you see yourself in none of the areas above don’t worry as they say herein our country “Hakuna Matata” the Lord looks at us all equally.

Verse 12 no one knows when their time will come


Verse 16 Wisdom is better than strength. King Solomon is a perfect example of this statement and also we have seen real life examples in our world .Wisdom is better than weapons and also in verse 17 it states quiet words of the wise are better than loud statements or shouts from foolish rulers.

What are those quiet words of the wise you are ignoring or not listening to please take heed through the young or old and do not despise them.

Jesus Christ is the best example of the common destiny, He came to the earth so as to do everything with all might by just taking it up on the cross through ridicule, pain and suffering  so as we can be forgiven and saved in this meaningless life that King Solomon says.


Ladies and gentlemen as some wise quiet words I have heard from many wise men is let us not live for titles, wealth, possessions, positions e.t.c as our destinies but let us live for our God ordained eulogies like Jesus Christ that 2000 years later the destiny which He left is still alive and working enormously to the point I am standing here as His servant and believer and many billion people all over the world.

John 3:16 states what is the first step of us realizing our destiny which is believing in Jesus Christ and then Matthew 28:19-20 states our actionable steps to our destiny.

Luke 5:1-11 The disciples saw the destiny and without a flinch when they were told to follow Him they did without hesitation. Do you see the same as the disciples today?

Let us live the God given destiny in our lives and flinch not because when we are gone we can do nothing.

Thank you and May the Lord richly and abundantly bless you as you seek to live for God’s given destiny in your life.